Wedge Island Wilderness Retreat Beach House and Shack Accomodation

View of Wedge Island Wilderness Retreat from the ocean
Wedge island lays some 40kms offshore from Pondalowie Bay on the Yorke Peninsula and is littered with fishing hotspots. Enjoy fishing in the seldom fished deep reef systems that litter the bottom, close in to this awesome island in the Southern Ocean.

When fishing most times the sounder screen shows an absolute plethora of fish, and as soon as the baits are sent down into the cobalt blue abyss, the baits get hammered as soon as they hit the bottom. When fishing for a particular fish, other prime species begin to compete for the baits and the haul usually become somewhat of a lucky dip. What fantastic fun!!

Fishing gone mad at Wedge island retreat

Whiting of over a Kilo caught at Wedge Island Beach Accomodation
Thumper Whiting of a kilo plus are regularly caught, and we have had first hand experience of catching 50cm whiting (being the smallest) to 59cm (being the largest). What a thrill to land Whiting of this size!
Nannygai, Snapper and Kingfish are a plenty in the waters that surround Wedge Island, as is Silver Trevally and sometimes Tuna. And it doesn’t stop there!!

As the small headland is rounded, on the eastern side of Wedge Island, a magnificent, white sandy beach opens up and quite regularly you will see the unmistakable image of a thriving black mass of thumping big Aussie Salmon cruising the aquamarine waters edge, just waiting to pounce on anything that moves. Flathead, Southern Rock Lobsters and Abalone are also in abundance. We have pulled cray pots only metres from the rocks and thoroughly enjoyed the contents.
Beautiful sandy beach fishing spot

Best SA Fishing spot
S.A. Angler magazine has, over quite a number of years, had several write ups regarding Wedge Island and its fantastic fishing with unreal comments and testimonials.

There is so much to see and so much territory (land and sea) to cover on and around this magnificent island, that even in seven days you would be hard pressed to absorb it all. The island provides the enjoyment of having the whole island to yourself. Fish, Swim, Snorkel, Explore or Relax in the quality accommodation and watch the numerous pods of dolphins and the occasional seal at play, directly out front. Magic!!!
Top Location fishing spot

Landrover for Island transport
There is a landrover available for use for transportation around the 18 square kilometre island, though walking is also enjoyable and great exercise in the clean sea air.
Scenery is on the high side of spectacular. When standing near the clifftop by the lighthouse, 600 feet above water level, one really starts to appreciate the awesome beauty of this unique wedge shaped island.

Share the island with family or friends which reduces individual costs, as the beach house boasts 5 bedrooms and sleeps 12, with all modern conveniences.
So if you're wanting that dream relaxing or fishing holiday, come and experience the awesome magic of Wedge Island Wilderness Retreat and being secluded on an island, surrounded by an endless supply of fish and some of the best fishing in Australia. Perhaps the best advertisement for Wedge Island is the lingering hunger for more each time you depart.

Pricing 5 or 7 night stay package - $1500.00 for 1 to 12 people

So if you're ready for the ultimate in fishing holidays, or just a relaxing getaway, contact us.